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Pre-Employment testing requirements/procedures

  • Capital City Construction, Inc. will notify all applicants, through the application process, that passing a drug test for the five basic controlled substances will be a condition of employment.
  • An applicant will consent, through the application process, to controlled substance testing by signing a consent form.
  • Capital City Construction, Inc. will require all applicants, whom they intend to hire, to be tested for the use of controlled substances at the applicant’s final interview.
  • The prospective employee must be told, prior to the controlled substance test, that the urine sample being collected will be tested for evidence of the five designated controlled substances and that they will not be hired unless they pass the drug test.
  • Once selected, the prospective employee will be sent to a collection site for testing.
  • Capital City Construction, Inc. will hire an employee and let them know that employment is contingent upon a negative drug screening.
  • Records must be kept for one year on all employees who pass a pre-employment drug test. Records must be kept for 5 years for prospective employees who do not pass the pre-employment drug screen.

I have been advised that if I become a finalist for the position applied for, a drug/alcohol screen is required as part of my pre-employment physical assessment, and that a drug/alcohol free find is needed to qualify for employment with Capital City Construction, Inc.

I Hereby authorize, Capital City Construction, Inc., (or its designated representative), physicians, nurses, and technicians to test my breath, to withdraw specimens of my urine and/or blood for the purpose of determining the presence of alcohol, and/or controlled substances. Therein I understand and agree that the results of this test will be disclosed to Preble Medical Services Inc. and hereby release Capital City Construction, Inc. (and/or its designated representatives) and any employees and/or agents thereof from any and all claims or causes of action resulting from the disclosure of the results. I hereby further agree to waive any physicians/patient privilege that may otherwise exist with respect to the confidentiality of the results of the pre-employment physical and any other tests.

I have read and agree to the Pre-Employment test requirements/procedures.